tisdag 11 april 2023

Ur Tubs of Slaw av Rachel Pollack 1945 – 2023

"Margaret, Hernandez, Frankie, Irwin, Lelanda, and Galadriel received their genitals on a pink Friday afternoon. They were disappointed to discover only two varieties, the first a sort of coin-shaped apparatus, oblong, irregular, and squishy on the one side, flat on the other; the second was a floppy tube, rounded on one end, with a sack containing two chestnuts on the other (actually they only said 'chestnuts' provisionally since they couldn't find a zipper to open the sack). There were four of each, which seemed peculiar – why not send seven, so each might choose between the meager assortment?
  'Let's not fight over it,' urged Hernandez. 'Please.'"
ur "Tubs of Slaw" av Rachel Pollack 

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