söndag 26 augusti 2012

Citerat från veckans läsning

"Jag var ännu inte civiliserad. Jag bytte min säkerhet mot fantasins glaspärlor."
ur Ansikten i vattnet av Janet Frame, övers. Annika Preis

"And the shadow from the pad, made by the rock it was sitting on, and my shadow, joining it, for just a second made it look like something moved under there. You know? I was excited, see, because I was on the moon. And it just isn't like anything in the training sessions at all. But I do remember for maybe three seconds, while I was going on doing all the things I had to do, thinking, 'There's a moon-mouse, or moon-beetle under there.' And feeling silly that I couldn't say anything - I was broadcasting all the time, describing what I saw - because there couldn't be anything alive on the moon, right?"
ur Dhalgren av Samuel R. Delany 

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