söndag 23 mars 2014

Citerat från veckans läsning

"The most recent fossils here on Mars date from what's called the Noachian efflorescence, a time of morphological diversification similar to Earth's Cambrian explosion. So far, twenty-seven distinct genera from then have been identified-well, it was originally twenty-nine but i successfully showed that both Weinbaumia and Gallunia are junior synonyms of Bradburia."
ur Red Planet Blues av Robert J. Sawyer

"It is at this point that our story  becomes the story of the woman who came to be called La Endriaga, and veers away from historical fact, entering the realm of supposition, anecdotal evidence, and the purely fictive, which are, after all, the most reliable forms of human codification."
ur The Skull i The Dragon Griaule av Lucius Shepard

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