måndag 12 december 2016

Citerat från (förra) veckans läsning

"He handed me something. I looked down at it. It was a little purse of soft leather, with a drawstring. Puzzled, I opened it. 'It'll never be empty, unless yoi shake it out,' he said, 'And the coin you pull from it will always be enough to pay for what you want.'
  I took out a coin and turned it in my fingers. I had seen coins before; they use money in Lucia.[...]It was forbidden to me to have gold, other than the Gold in my soul[...]I couldn't think of a more useless gift, but I imagined it was well intended."
ur Necessity av Jo Walton

"Job Job watch what you say/The Lord let Satan have his way/Don't give in and don't give up/The Lord could soon refill your cup/You could make a comeback still/with cattle on a thousand hills"
ur "Job" i Forever Words av Johnny Cash

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