söndag 30 september 2012

Citerat från veckans läsning

"'Things where great up till Glinda grew up taller than me and said she didn't like comic books anymore! Anybody who doesn't like comic books has got very serious emotional problems, I say.'"
ur The Adventures of Venus av Gilbert Hernandez (bilden ovan är från samma serie)

""'What is a foot?' Ras had said. 'I know how long my feet are now. But I am growing. What if I keep on growing, and the walls of the world, now six thousand feet, become only half as much? What if I grow, the world shrink, and I become as tall as the pillar in the middle of the lake?'
Yusufu would laugh at this picture, and he would be happy for a while."
ur Lord Tyger av Philip José Farmer

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