söndag 18 september 2011

Citerat från veckans läsning

"Min barndom var full av sådana intrikata maktförhållanden, som jag inte var delaktig i, men ändå utnyttjade, i min roll som vän. Tobaksaffären på Markus gata på väg till skolan till exempel. Den kunde vi bara gå in i och ta vad vi ville ha, eftersom Markus pappas bolag lånat ut pengar till mannen som ägde affären. Pengar som han hade stora svårigheter att betala tillbaka. Den mannens plågade ansikte varje gång vi dök upp. Markus konversation inne i affären. Det orimliga i att denne vuxne man behövde krypa för ett gäng ungar."
ur "I oljerockarnas land" i Grand mal av Linda Boström Knausgård

"4) Alan Moore climbs into bed/Rests his weary little head/And blames it all on society//5) Since I turned into a rabbit I have lived in many different burrows.Allof them are called William"
ur "Elegy in a country sanitorium" ungdomsdikt av Alan Moore, publicerad i Embryo 2 och återgiven i Alan Moore - Storyteller av Gary Spencer Millidge.

"And, oh, what tales she told that afternoon! She told old ones, with which we were all familiar, that pulled from us all the old emotions, the more intense as the ruts along which they rolled into view were the more familiar, the more deeply worn they were! She told new ones, which puzzled us and prodded us to seek out all their similarities with, and differences from, the old! There were clever ones that were all wordplay and silliness, at which we howled and clutched our sides. There were high, solemn, serious ones, to which we paid all of our highest and most serious attention, only glancing - solemny - from time to time at some of the others to see if they'd, perhaps, fallen asleep[...]Oh, while the rain pelted the rocky roof and walls, we had a wonderful day!"
ur "The Game of Time and Pain" i Return to Nevèrÿon av Samuel R. Delany

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