söndag 25 december 2011

The Mad Wizards of Mars

"A door banged wide in a little hut by the shore. A thin short man, with flesh hanging from him in folds, stepped out and, paying no attention to the others, sat down and stared into his clenched fists.
«There's the one I'm sorry for,» whispered Blackwood. «Look at him, dying away. He was once more real than we, who were men. They took him, a skeleton thought, and clothed him in centuries of pink flesh and snow beard and red velvet suit and black boot; made him reindeers, tinsel, holly. And after centuries of manufacturing him they drowned him in a vat of Lysol, you might say.»"
ur "The Exiles" av Ray Bradbury, i Den illustrerade mannen,
en tidigare version av denna novell där alla litterära gestalter av övernaturligt slag lever i exil på Mars hette "The Mad Wizards of Mars".

2 kommentarer:

Anonym sa...

Åh, detta är en av mina favoritnoveller ur samlingen!

Petter Malmberg sa...

"The Exiles" är en av Bradburys bästa. Som slutet när Smaragdstaden i Oz rämnar itu.