söndag 18 april 2010

Citerat från veckans läsning

"And, in truth, Pooch is growing into a fine young woman: slender fingers where her paw once were, cheeks coverd with little more than a peachy down. She is, after all, pedigreed, which is more than one can say for her adopted family."
ur Carmen Dog av Carol Emshwiller.

"Det jag nu säger gäller för mig här och nu, det gäller inte för alla överallt och inte för mig alltid.
Om jag vaknar en morgon och finner att jag har exakt samma uppfattning av verkligheten som jag hade morgonen innan, då har jag byggt ett program kring mig. Blivit gallerskakare."
ur Söndagsmorgon av Jan Myrdal.

"Eight hours before we were due to land on Sarg they dropped a pamphlet into the receiving tray of the two-by-four plastic closet that was my 'stateroom' for the trip. The pamphlet said landing on Sarg would be like stepping into a new world. I threw it away.
Landing on Sarg was like stepping into a new world. You expect a different kind of sunlight and a fresh smell to the air, and usually you don't get them. Sarg had them."
ur "The Toy Theater" i The Island of Doctor Death and Other Stories and other stories av Gene Wolfe

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