söndag 1 augusti 2010

Citerat från veckans läsning

"Det skulle ha varit bättre om jag, liksom den galne Czolgosz, hade skjutit någon hygglig president McKinley, någon vänlig, obetydlig själ som han, vilken aldrig hade gjort någon den minsta skada. Ty i djupet av mitt hjärta låg mord: jag ville se Amerika förintat, utplånat från jordens yta."
Henry Miller, ur Stenbockens vändkrets (övers. Gösta Wedberg)

"There's a really long piece that I wrote called 'Blind Lemon Jefferson', it's part blues verse, it's part kind of documentary style stuff, it's just a lot of different pages of stuff that constructs a certain period of his life. I mean the whole thing's totlly bogus. It talks about being in Clarksdale in 1935 or whatever which is basically all out of a hat. It doesn't interest me really, that side of it[...]something about it allows me to write a certain way, like an actual language style that happens to be inspired as much by the South as it is by Shakespeare or the Bible or whatever. But it allows me to write in the first person, and say I felt this way. And I can write 'Ah' instead of 'I', like, 'Ah may go see the preacher'"
Nick Cave i en intervju i Tape Delay av Charles Neal.

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