onsdag 6 maj 2009

Ur The Jungle Rot Kid on the Nod

"...them fuckin Ayrabs run off with my Jane again...intersolar communist venusian bankers plot...so it back to the jungle again, hit the arboreal trail, through the middle tearass, dig Numa the lion, the lost civilizations kick, tell my troubles to Sam Tantor alias The Long Dong Kid. Old Sam always writing amendments to the protocols of the elders of mars, dipping his trunk in the blood of innocent bystanders, writing amendments in the sand with blood and no one could read what he had written there selah
Me, I'm only fuckin free man in the world...live in state of anarchy, up trees...every kid and lotsa grownups (so-called) dream of the Big Tree Fix, of swinging on vines, freedom, live by the knife and unwritten code of the jungle..."

Philip José Farmer 1968
("The Jungle Rot Kid on the Nod" inleds med "If William Burroughs instead of Edgar Rice Burroughs had written the Tarzan novels...".
I ett förord till novellen i samlingen Riverworld and other stories skriver Farmer att han senare prövade på att försöka skriva en pastisch som om Edgar Rice och inte William S. Burroughs hade skrivit Nova Express men att det inte fungerade.
Michael Andre-Driussis "Under the Moon of Jizma" har dock den liknande premissen att Edgar Rice Burroughs skrev Naked Lunch.)

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