torsdag 6 augusti 2009

Ur Miracleman 2

Once upon a time there were three heroes.

They knew magic words. They did good deeds. And they killed all the monsters and dragons...
They were living happily ever after when one of them died. His name was Young Miracleman and he died by fire. One up to the dragons.

The second hero was called Miracleman. He came through the fire. But it made him forget he was a hero. He married and lived happily ever after...

Until yesterday. Yesterday he remembered that he was a hero. But it wasn't until today that he remembered about the dragons...

The third hero was only a little boy. He was called Kid Miracleman and he was very powerful. Without the other two heroes to bother him he could do whatever he liked.

He grew up.
He grew up into a dragon.

Alan Moore
Ur "Dragons" i andra numret av Miracleman (eller femte kapitlet av Marvelman
Bild Gary Leach

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