torsdag 22 oktober 2009

Ursula K. Le Guin om genrer och Fiktionens stad

It's not a matter for me of stooping to an occasional amusing bit of slumming in the kiddylit ghetto or the Sci Fi gutter. I live there, in the ghettos and the gutters. I am a street person of the city of fiction. And every now and then I come lumbering up like some sort of Sewer Monster out of the depths of Genre onto the spotless lawns of Literary Realism - since realism, to my mind, is simply another genre, another domain of fiction, and all mine if I want it.
Ursula K. Le Guin
ur talet "Genre: A Word Only a Frenchman Could Love" publicerat i The James Tiptree Award Anthology 1 sex, the future, & chocolate chip cookies

Tekoppen påminner om att det är Ursula K. LeGuins 80:e födelsedag idag. Må hon vandra genom fiktionens gränder och hemsöka dess trädgårdar i många år till.

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